About us

Tabriz Instrumentation Originators Company has started its activity since 2002 in the field of designing and manufacturing gauges, testing machines and also designing and manufacturing parts of car and tractor.

Since its establishment till 2005the main activity of the company had been designing and manufacturing  gauges and testing machines for the automotive companies and their subsidiaries.

Since 2005, reverse engineering of parts and complexes of gearboxes and axles of Goldoni Tractor ordered by Jiroft Tractor Manufacturing Company, and manufacturing more than 20 accurate axle and gear parts of gearbox and axle of Goldoni Tractor have been included in the working and manufacturing activities of this company.

Since 2006manufacturing accurate parts of axles for Benz heavy trucks of Iran Khodro Diesel ordered by Vehicle Axle Manufacturing Company has been done by this company.

Besides, this company has started its activity in manufacturing of internal gears of Kia Pride ordered by Dandeh Fanavar of Megamotor.

Collecting activity of this company was startedby the contract of designing and manufacturing of manual slack adjuster and scam shaft of Benz heavy  trucksince early 2007. This activity was done after a six-month process of designing, reverse engineering, and sample manufacturing after which this company succeeded in obtaining approval of Germany Benz Company through vamco Company.It is worth mentioning that production license for the manual slack adjuster complex for the first time in Iran by eliminating this complex from importing list of Benz Company is considered a prominent point in history of this company.

Self-esteem and integration of engineering with experience was the main reason of glory in manufacturing of slack adjuster complex of Benz truck which caused Tabriz  Instrumentation Originators Company to be more serious in establishing quality management system, obtaining ISO/TS169949:2009 license, getting more satisfaction of customers, and continuing the process of designing and manufacturing special products of automotive industrial.

After establishing quality management system and obtaining ISO/TS169949:2009 license, designing and manufacturing automatic slack adjuster complex of Raba and scam shaft axleof Raba for the interurban bus 457 of Iran Khodro Diesel Company ordered by vamcoCompany have been started since 2008 by considering that our company is the first manufacturer of manual slack adjuster and  automatic slack adjuster in Iran progressing quickly.

This company as the most professional center of designing, manufacturing, and testing established and completed an equipped laboratory for testing different types of  slack adjusters according to the standards of SAE J1512 , SAEJ1461 , designed and produced slack adjusters of Benz, Raba, Dong Feng, Volvo,Iveco, Mack, and types of trailer. It should be mentioned that the new generation products of TIO have  the capability of repairing and switching the internal parts, reducing the costs of end users, enhancing durability and quality of the products,reducing environmental pollution, and assuring the customers in purchasing the products.

Since 2010, as the main activity, this company has concentrated on manufacturing safe an accurate parts and axle complex of  heavy trucks, trailers, buses, pickups, and cars. In this regard, manufacturing spindle knuckle of Nissan ABS and upper and lower balljoint 1140kg was included in producing program of our company for the Saipa Behengham Afarin in order to manufacture products of  Nissan pickup of ZamyadCompany. After transferring the contract of manufacturing Axles of Nissan pickup to the Megamotor Company, supplying of spindle knuckle of Nissan Pickup axles for the assembly line of megamotor in Behran motor  is continued.